Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice

Oh my goodness! This is embarrassing!

Here we are being programmed to rock but our blog starts out with this country music by Smokie!

Oh please Aduka, don’t be a prejudice! Music is colorless and there is no such thing called good or bad music. In fact, Smokie is one of Azer’s favorite band.

So folks, please do surf around about these great musicians. As far as album sales volume is concerned, Smokie is among the top in the world! Do google for SMOKIE!

Yes people yes. Our blog is about diversity simply because if you really want to learn how to write songs, first of all, you have got to listen to varieties. Without diversity, there is no interest. Azer does not believe in a single pigeon holes in any artistic production. In fact, he doesn’t bother your conditional opinions!
So start listening :-)

There! Hope you enjoy the song and the video. Smokie has produced so many sweet songs apart of what you have just heard. Above all, their music is soothing country rock!

Unfortunately, we are not that friendly because when comes to artistic works, we have to be exceptional and temperamental. Inderawangsa really don’t mind temperamental people :-) But then, if you bite us, we’ll bite you back … haha.

Azer is trying to make a point through this song. You see, in music, there are four major elements you have to understand – melody, rhythm, harmony and dynamics. This song is a good example on how a nice harmonic rhythm guitar is played.

Azer started out playing harmonically and when we talk about harmony, we are dealing with chords. Here is a good tutorial - The Guide to Chord Theory.

There are 10 parts in this tutorial. We suggest you to read them, study them, understand them and practice them. Many years ago, Azer had to go through the same process too therefore writing songs has nothing to do with being a genius. It’s about hardwork, keep on trying, gets as many resources as possible, lots of trial and errors, a lot of practices, a lot of reading and so much more particularly having a lot of passion and patient.

We pity those who keep insisting that good works are done by geniuses.

Special thanks to CanadaJade3. Until then …