Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Bugglers – Video Killed the Radio Star

New Wave Music started by the British artists in 1979 had gained popularity in the 80s. The song ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ was not only the first New Wave song Azer ever heard, it was also the first song heard the minute Azer stepped his foot in Canada back in September, 1982. The music is characterized by clear synth bass and synthesizer sound with elements of pop rock.

Adapted from Wikipedia:

Pitch represents the perceived fundamental frequency of a sound.[1] It is one of the three major auditory attributes of sounds along with loudness and timbre. When the actual fundamental frequency can be precisely determined through physical measurement, it may differ from the perceived pitch because of overtones, also known as partials, harmonic or otherwise, in the sound. The human auditory perception system may also have trouble distinguishing frequency differences between notes under certain circumstances. According to ANSI acoustical terminology, it is the auditory attribute of sound according to which sounds can be ordered on a scale from low to high.

Musical Note Frequencies on Guitar and Piano is a very good link relating both sound (physics) and music. This is useful particularly when later there is a need to do pitch bending usually on guitars.

HeartFeelFlow: Step 1 – Reflect

Flow 1: The Right Mindsets to Establish Objectives

To start is always the hardest thing to do. This is always true to those who are new in song writing. So first thing first is to get one self motivated. The best way to be motivated is to understand why we need to write our own songs.

Writing own songs provide us the opportunities to have our own perspectives. This in turn gives us the skills of having the insight to our surroundings including ourselves.

Then we need to know that a song is a song is a song. Whatever our perspectives project, our own songs are what our insights are. Our songs might sound pleasant or otherwise or even cannot be considered as songs BUT the songs are our perspectives. That is what matters.

Having both the perspectives and insights, those are the objectives reflected by the songs.

Having both perspectives and insights as our objectives, our songs then emerge from something we used to not see. This strengthen our faith. Our faith to God. Our faith to ourselves. Our faith to success. Our faith to our works. Our faith to those related to us. We know this by being the first person to hear our new songs no one has ever heard before.

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