Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inderawangsa – Matematika

Azer rely on humming and MIDI for song writing. For many years, Azer has wriiten his own MIDI programming which is now in Python but this link is a good reference for those who are looking for typical MIDI software in the market.


Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

HeartFeelFlow: Step 1 – Reflect

Flow 3: Keep Moving

Having to stop is normal but what important is to start again. There will be a lot of interruptions along the way but then what is life without those interruptions? Interruptions are the blessings. Just like there are sunrises and sunsets, there is always a brand new day. It means, we always get the chance to start again.

This is the main reason why to reflect is very important. To keep moving requires the complete positive pictures of us. It reminds us who we are. It helps to make the tasks fulfilled.

Interruptions also help us to learn from our mistakes and the past. To keep moving however requires us to have the art of ‘Letting it go’.

To keep moving is always as equivalent to how we get started. Do it one step at a time. As usual, always start with the first step. Be committed while we are at it so that every second counts.


GMG said...

January 2011? did I read it right?

Eel Wind said...

But letting it go doesn't mean "forget it". because people tend to use that as an excuse to escape from the reality now and then.

First time visit this blog, it's a whole new world, Azer! :)

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately yes :-)

I have been underperforming in work. A very high business target is revised and my performance will be judge at end of 2010.
Eel Wind

thanks -)
Azer Mantessa