Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dr. Hook – Sharing the Night Together

Writing chord progressions which Azer considers simply as harmony (one of the four elements in music) is a very tricky business. The main problem on which chord to use on a key note (tonal) is discussed in so many ways by so many different school of thoughts.

Azer agrees with this question-answer on Melody to Chord Progressions.

Azer’s chord progressions rule is simple. All his songs are melody-base so what chords he uses depend on what is the tonal note. He uses major chords on a tonal note should he wants the harmony to sound a bit happier. He uses minor chords on a tonal note should he wants the harmony to sound a bit sadder. He uses 7th chords on a blues genre. It is also common that Azer keep on mutating the basic chords. It is also common that Azer uses the picking riffs on a tonal note.

Azer considers this song, “Sharing the Night Together” by Dr. Hook as one of the best song in harmony developments. The guitar picking riffs has its own smoothing way to the melodies via singing. The ladies’ backup vocals keep echoing. The jazz guitar playing acts a bit of temporary solo playing which is brilliant. Other sounds like piano, synthesizers and strings keep accompany the songs with sometimes opposite to the melodies proving rules to chord progression is open on how creative a song writer is.

Special thanks to totz67.

HeartFeelFlow: Step 1 – Reflect (Introduction)

There are 7 flows in Step 1:

Flow 1 – The Right Mindsets to Establish Objectives
Flow 2 – Be Equipped
Flow 3 – Keep Moving
Flow 4 – Reflect the Surroundings
Flow 5 – Relax
Flow 6 – Start Imagining
Flow 7 – Reflect the Imagination

“I just want to establish all possible sounds as much as I can for life itself a huge loud speaker”.
- Azer Mantessa when asked on why some of his songs are irritating noises.

“To be honest with you, I had problem on how to stop writing that song”.
- Azer Mantessa when asked why the Song ‘GMG Travels the World’ is too lengthy.

“In my imagination, definitely YES!”.
- Azer Mantessa when asked is he a romantic person.


Nong said...

Noises can be irritating to some but may be calming to others.

I am one romantic being too... he he

Anonymous said...


Oh yes you are ... romantic


- Waja