Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chic – Le Freak

Previously we have linked a tutorial on The Guide to Chord Theory. With a good database programming, chords can be programmed according to names, related notes and number of notes. This way too, chords can be identified according to the number of notes and related notes. There are more into chords particularly on how they are played – picking, strumming etc but this should come into later stage.

Although understanding how chords are derived and strumming the chords with the guitar were how Azer got into contact with music, this however is not the correct way to learn music. Understanding Basic Music Theory is a tutorial which is the way. There are 36 parts in this tutorial. To those who are interested, again, we suggest you to study them, understand them and practice them.

Sure this is the hardest part but if you can’t stand the learning curve in education, we suggest you to try ignorance :-)

Our featured music video for this entry is Le Freak by Chic.

Azer considers this song as outstanding because this song has popularized a new sound – Muted Guitar. The way how the chords are strummed too has lifted funky music into another level and the running bass is evolutionary.

I know … I know, I’m embarrassed too but we are into progressive rock. You see, progressive rock does not have any definitive rule for it and don’t be surprised that most progressive rock bands out there do play funky strumming as well so Azer has his point with this music video.

Also this song has revealed something major when comes to anything progressive. Chic has successfully popularized muted guitar sound which then paved the way for further guitar sound development and other musical sound development. Sound technology has never been the same since then.

Special thanks to LODGIcare2500. Until then …


Nong said...

Teringat masa buat party masa kat campus zaman 70'an dulu. he he...

Anonymous said...

Oh, rasanya Azer masih mandi telanjang kat sungai kot time tu ... hahahaha

- Waja

Azer Mantessa said...

Isyyyy, aku dah bersunat laa time tu

Bunga Rampai said...

Owh, begitu ceritanya Le Freak ni. Tapi tarian tu apa namanya ek?

Teringat pula masa remaja dulu main gitar ... Laa ni, tak main dah pasal jari-jemari dah feminin :D

Tq link ke tutorial tu :)

Anonymous said...

Bunga Rampai,

Disko kot

- Adi